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[K12OSN] Big Troubles Fixed

Hello Mike,

Did you get the big virtual cake of your choice in this email? Your advice worked. Thank you very much.

Things are normal again for us. A technician is now checking out the insecure windows boxes looking for what was hammering port 113 and triggering all of the in.authd processes on the K12LTSP server.

Thanks again,  Jim

Will our server still work if in.authd is disabled?

It should. Try it. It's easy enough to re-enable.

But before you do, try running (as root) "netstat -anp" to
see if there's any clue as to what is making all these connections
to authd.

Mike Wescott

It looks like something is triggering multiple in.authd processes. You
can probably sakely turn this service off (edit /etc/xinetd.d/auth). I
believe this process is spawned because of incoming traffic on port 113.
It might be instructive to run ethereal to see if someone is trying a
DOS using this port.

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