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[K12OSN] Re: Big Troubles Fixed

Hi Les,

That is what is weird here. This just croped up out of the blue. No mail, no proxy. My system is behind two or three IPCop boxes.

Things are fine now that I have set /etc/xinetd.d/auth:  disable = yes


Did you get the big virtual cake of your choice in this email? Your advice worked. Thank you very much.

Things are normal again for us. A technician is now checking out the insecure windows boxes looking for what was hammering port 113 and triggering all of the in.authd processes on the K12LTSP server.

Usually authd requests come in as a result of a separate outbound connection - that is the remote system is attempting to check who owns the other end of the socket making a connecton there. Could you have been relaying a bunch of email at the time or have had a lot of web connections going through a proxy that uses authd? <snip>

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