[K12OSN] SAMBA/LDAP install problems

David Trask dtrask at vcs.u52.k12.me.us
Wed May 25 13:08:26 UTC 2005

"Support list for opensource software in schools." <k12osn at redhat.com> on
Wednesday, May 25, 2005 at 8:32 AM +0000 wrote:
>>I'm the author of the smbldap docs you're using to set this up....I still
>>need you to answer a couple questions so we can attack this from the
>>starting point.  What distro are you using?  And....did you use the
>>smbldap-installer script?

You've still failed to answer the two questions above....if you won't
answer...we can't help you.  The error log tells us nothing more than it's
not working, but without knowing what distribution of Linux you're using
and whether or not you are using the smbldap-installer from the top of my
page at http://web.vcs.u52.k12.me.us/linux/smbldap   the error log is

Are you or are you not using Fedora Core 3 or K12LTSP 4.2?

Did you or did you not use the smbldap-installer?

>Attached is an error.log generated by using &> error.log  (I was told be
>private mail to try this).
>A couple of notes.
>The number of changes you say to make that are already done is
>For example where you say to change contents of .conf to specify my 
>selected domain are already done.

David N. Trask
Technology Teacher/Coordinator
Vassalboro Community School
dtrask at vcs.u52.k12.me.us

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