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Re: [K12OSN] Logins from Cygwin sloooow

Does this slowdown even happen on your laptop or just when connecting from one of the three new Windows boxes? If it's just the latter, could it be related to the server trying to do a reverse DNS lookup on the clients, which don't have an entry in the DNS, and eventually the server gives up and lets the connection go through? I've seen this kind of behavior several times over the years, where a client with a static address connects to a server and service with no problem, but clients that get addresses via DHCP have trouble, because they don't have an entry in the reverse DNS table.

Or maybe not.


Krsnendu dasa wrote:
I have been using Cygwin to login from windows computers for a few months now. It is cool to see that children who use the windows computers in our classrooms prefer to connect to K12LTSP and run those application rather than the window ones. J

Anyway, when I was just connecting using my laptop everything was fineā€¦ Get login screen, login to gnome wait about a second and voila there is my desktop.

Since we added 3 more windows computers with K12LTSP access some problems have developed.

   1. When I log on using any of the computers it usually goes fine and
      fast until after I enter my password then I have to wait at least
      5 mins for it to log in. I just have a blue screen and a cursor
      then eventually everything loads. Once it is loaded it works fine.


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