[K12OSN] Suggestions for a LTSP Demo

Petre Scheie petre at maltzen.net
Wed May 25 13:30:36 UTC 2005

If you want to be really sneeky about it, take your laptop and a universal etherboot 
floppy in a few days ahead of the demo and test it with some of the school's existing 
machines.  Find some that work, make a mental note of them, and then during the demo say 
"Tell you what, let's try a few of the machines here as clients" and then wow them with 
how easily they can be integrated into the LTSP network.  If you believe in full 
disclosure, you can fess up afterward, but your point will already have been made.


Gavin Chester wrote:
> On Tue, 2005-05-24 at 23:32 +0800, Harish Pillay wrote:
>>I would like to hear from list members on best practises for
> This has been asked several times in the last year alone so the archives
> are a good source of ready answers to mine.  Obvious search terms are
> "demo" and "presentation".  I recall some listers have generously
> offered their presentations to others and posted links to them - or put
> them in the wiki.  Start digging and I have the feeling that you will
> get some good material.  
> Also, I recall sage advice that you should not turn up and expect
> strange PCs to "just work" with your K12LTSP server because you may
> strike network card problems and who-knows-what.  Instead, it was
> advised to take your server (could be laptop) and a couple of prepared
> clients so that you don't end up with egg on your face trying to make it
> work.  Failing that, go in ahead of time and get the clients working
> before the "official" eye-popping, jaw-dropping demo of the power of
> (Disclaimer: All comment and wisdom gleaned from people who have
> actually done this and reported it to this list ;-)  )

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