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Re: [K12OSN] SAMBA/LDAP install problems

Hey!  This is an opportunity to draft testers if ever I saw one.

Steve, hi.  As Dave points out, I had some issues with the script,
mainly in the rpm checking department, so I took a stab at rewriting it
to be more distro-agnostic.

I'm attaching v. 0.1 to this email. Unpack, cd into the directory, and
run ./smbldap-installer (and if you have problems, let me know).

A few points before you run it:

1.  Use APT or YUM to install smbldap-tools, openldap-servers, and
samba, nfs-server (if using NFS for homedirs), and nscd  (These repos
should make sure all dependent rpms are installed)
2.  Make sure smbldap-populate is in your path (by typing:  which
smbldap-populate).  If it is not, search for the file and add the
directory that it is in to your path (by typing:  export
3. Run the script

Hopefully, all will go well.  If not, please attach the
smbldap-install.log file that gets created to your next post.



On Wed, 2005-05-25 at 18:39 -0400, David Trask wrote:
> I apologize....I must have missed the message....the script is ONLY
> written for FC 3 or K12LTSP 4.2 (which is based on FC 3).  You need to
> have the FC 3 or K12LTSP 4.2 install disks for it to work.  If you wish to
> use CentOS....you're going to have to do everything manually.  (which is
> documented in the same document as the smbldap-installer).  We have no
> immediate plans to rewrite for CentOS, but Gideon Romm is working on a
> somewhat OS agnostic rewrite, but it is a ways from being ready.  I just
> received a copy today and hope to test in a bit.  One idea to try....do a
> FULL install of CentOS....install EVERYTHING...and then try running the
> script....it just may work.  Share your results here.  (the advantage of
> the full install is that you may install 99% of the packages needed and
> thus not need the CD's)
> "Support list for opensource software in schools." <k12osn redhat com> on
> Wednesday, May 25, 2005 at 10:34 AM +0000 wrote:
> >At 10:18 AM 5/25/2005, Bill Bardon wrote:
> >>On Wednesday, May 25 David Trask wrote:
> >> > You've still failed to answer the two questions above....if you won't
> >> > answer...we can't help you.  The error log tells us nothing more than
> >> > it's not working, but without knowing what distribution of Linux
> >> > you're using and whether or not you are using the smbldap-installer
> >> > from the top of my page at http://web.vcs.u52.k12.me.us/linux/smbldap
> >> >  the error log is
> >> > useless.
> >>
> >>But David, he did answer.  He's using CentOS, and he did a manual
> >>install, not the smbldap-installer.  Here's his message again:
> >
> >I did run the smblldap-installer.  Version 1.2.1
> >
> >And CentOS can be found at  www.centos.org
> >
> >
> >>"As I said in my message, but it was toward the bottom, Centos 4.0
> >>
> >>"I started at the beginning of your script.  I said I had fedora (I
> >>thought  I had to say something).  The script then asked me for disk 3,
> >>which of  course I did not have.  But as I looked through the messages,
> >>the rpms that  were being asked from from that CD were already in the
> >>script's  directory!  So I copied them to the temp directory that the
> >>script was  using, and let things go.
> >
> >It was where the script asked me what distro, I answered fedora.  I think
> >I 
> >tried centos, and it did not like that and asked again?
> >
> >>"I have not booted the system since I started the install, so if there
> >>is something I can find...."
> >
> >I have since had do boot.  Did something stupid in which process I killed 
> >for something else I was doing and the GUI went blewy.  Power down and 
> >restart.....
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