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Re: [K12OSN] Reading Counts?

Can you send detailed info on how you made it work under wine?

I have tried it (some) but couldn't figure out how to make wine mape a network drive to an existing R: drive so the users could use terminals or windows computers and get the same data files.

We run probably no less than 200 RC clients at a time, too. . .


george kocke wrote:

On Wed, 2005-05-25 at 09:56, Shawn Powers wrote:

Before I attempt to use Wine (which I've never done... I'm almost ashamed to admit) -- does anyone currently have successful usage of "Scholastic's Reading Counts" working in a thin client environment?

Yes. I have Reading Counts working very well under Wine. I've had up to 24 students running it at once. It works better this way than it ever did running on individual 95 machines.

I have what I believe to be version 2.0 of RC working under Wine. I
believe this version is from 2001. I'm using a version of Wine from

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