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Re: [K12OSN] OT: Perl advice

I always tend to use PHP for that sort of thing... I guess it's down to your personal preferences with regards to scripting languages. I can provide an example of converting a text file to a CSV file in PHP if required?

On 5/26/05, Vern Ceder <vceder canterburyschool org> wrote:
Respectfully, I would suggest that Python or Ruby would be as good, if
not better, for a task like that. With both of them you can be up and
mangling files surprisingly quickly.


Shawn Powers wrote:
> I have to mangle 70 text files outputted from a grading program into 1
> absurdly complex file for our student management system.  I'm sure Perl
> is the program to use for this, but I am not a Perl programmer.
> Does anyone know any good tutorials, or better yet, text file
> manipulating Perl examples that I could absorb into my conscienceness?
> Lastly, anyone do any Perl scripting for cash, or know where I could
> turn if I can't figure it out in short order?  Thanks,
> -Shawn

This time for sure!
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