[K12OSN] OT: Perl advice

CORY CARTWRIGHT corycartwright at sbcglobal.net
Thu May 26 15:18:16 UTC 2005

I would also be willing to help.
Are all the files in the same format?  If so send one
as an example.  And of course send an example of what
you need to see in the output.  I will add plenty of
comments that can maybe get you started in Perl.


--- Shawn Powers <spowers at inlandlakes.org> wrote:
> I have to mangle 70 text files outputted from a
> grading program into 1 
> absurdly complex file for our student management
> system.  I'm sure Perl 
> is the program to use for this, but I am not a Perl
> programmer.
> Does anyone know any good tutorials, or better yet,
> text file 
> manipulating Perl examples that I could absorb into
> my conscienceness?
> Lastly, anyone do any Perl scripting for cash, or
> know where I could 
> turn if I can't figure it out in short order? 
> Thanks,
> -Shawn
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