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Re: [K12OSN] Dell PowerEdge 1425sc

Quoting David Dees <david suwannee k12 fl us>:

> I am trying to install LTSP on a fairly new Dell server.
> While starting the install it says that it loads the aic79xx drivers which
> should be the drivers for the scsi controller in the dell.
> However right after that it states that no hard drives where found....I
> went to Dell's site and the drivers for download are the same as the ones
> on the LTSP installation CD.
> Has anyone run into this before?

I ran into this on a different server and had to add the I2O drivers along with
the NIC drivers, when it asked....if I didn't it would report 'no hard drives'
also....of course this may not apply to your server as I'm not familiar with
what it has on board....HTH, John

John T. Leonard
Technology Coordinator
MSAD No. 41
Penquis Valley HS/MS
48 Penquis Drive 
Milo, Maine 04463
Ph:207-943-7346 Ext.211

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