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Re: [K12OSN] Dell PowerEdge 1425sc

David Wrote:

I am trying to install LTSP on a fairly new Dell server. 
While starting the install it says that it loads the aic79xx drivers which
should be the drivers for the scsi controller in the dell.
However right after that it states that no hard drives where found....I
went to Dell's site and the drivers for download are the same as the ones
on the LTSP installation CD.
Has anyone run into this before?

David Dees
Network Manager
Suwannee County Schools
702 2nd Street NW
Live Oak, FL  32064
(386) 364-2148
david suwannee k12 fl us

Yes David I ran into this with FC3 on two servers I built in December, both with an 
adaptec card that used the aic79xx driver.

I googled the following which might be of interest



But here was my experience

After much hair pulling I ended up disabling the "hardware raid" and used them as a standard
scsi controller. At first I still had the no hard drives found issue. 
During setup choose the option where you are asked if you have any additional cards you want to install
select yes and manually select the aic79xx from the list. You should be ok.
FWIW we are using software raid and have no complaints but we are mounting /home
off a file server with hardware raid which decreases the disk IO.


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