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Re: [K12OSN] Dell PowerEdge 1425sc


How do you like your Dell Poweredge 800. What roll does it play in your environment. The reason I am asking this is I have to set up a small network for a school, and they like Dell, cause they get special pricing. Just want to here what model dell computers Fedora Core 3 K12LTSP distro, has successfully installed on.

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On Friday, May 27 David Dees wrote:

I am trying to install LTSP on a fairly new Dell server.
While starting the install it says that it loads the aic79xx drivers
which should be the drivers for the scsi controller in the dell.
However right after that it states that no hard drives where
found....I went to Dell's site and the drivers for download are the
same as the ones on the LTSP installation CD.
Has anyone run into this before?

I just set up a DellPowerEdge 800 with Debian yesterday. Don't know if this will apply to K12LTSP, but since it's a kernel-level issue it might.

I had to add "aic7xxx=no_probe" on the boot line when installing, in
order for the SCSI controller to work.

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