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Re: [K12OSN] Dell PowerEdge 1425sc

On Friday, May 27 Mark Sarria wrote:
> How do you like your Dell Poweredge 800. What roll does it play in
> your  environment. The reason I am asking this is I have to set up a
> small network  for a school, and they like Dell, cause they get
> special pricing. Just want  to here what model dell computers Fedora
> Core 3 K12LTSP distro, has  successfully installed on.

I just received the 800 yesterday.  Am setting it up as a file server
for a medium-sized church, with a staff of about ten.  It's overkill
right now for what they need, but is intended to last for several years
and keep up as they grow.  It will probably only ever run Samba, and SSH
and Webmin for remote backup and maintenance.

I have quite a few Dells running Linux and serving files, web pages,
mail, or all three, for small businesses and churches around Omaha.  All
PowerEdge towers, 400 - 800 - 1600 SCs. So far no significant hardware
problems in five years.

I haven't tried Fedora or any K12LTSP version on a Dell yet, but Debian
(testing) installed without problems, once I added the aic7xxx=no_probe
boot option.  (Seems that I missed the mark regarding helping David Dees
with his SCSI controller problem.)  I will be installing K12LTSP in a
school computer lab this summer, but don't yet know what hardware it
will be going on.  Probably something used, from eBay.

Bill Bardon
Omaha, Nebraska

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