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[K12OSN] email for each user

This didn’t seem to go through the first time. Apologies if this is received twice.


Can someone please guide me how to set up email addresses for each student and staff member?

At present there is one email address for the school. Any messages addressed to email addresses with @harekrishna.school.nz at the end are delivered to my personal email account and I forward it when necessary to others. I would like to set it up so that every user has and address like user harekrishna school nz I would also like to uses aliases. E.g. messages sent to accounts harekrishna school nz would be delivered to bill harekrishna school nz  (our treasurer’s email address.)

Is this easy to do? I guess you just set up POP/smtp services and each user uses evolution or mozilla to access the mail. What I am afraid of is that if we host the mail server at the school and it gets disconnected somehow the mail sent to us during the disconnected time would be lost. Is that what would happen? Is there a way to protect against this?


I would also like to know if it is easy to set up webmail access from home?


Thanks in advance.

Krsnendu dasa

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