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RE: [K12OSN] Mac mini as a terminal...any caveats?

> I'm getting ready to try some Mac Minis as terminals.  Has 
> anyone tried them?  Anythings to watch out for?  I'm planning 
> to set up a bunch for the Northeast Linux conference to demo 
> how PPC terminals can now be used with K12LTSP.

Cool.  Let us know how it works.  The only time I have even seen a Mac
Mini was at LW in Boston.  I remember the Gentoo guys next door to LTSP
tried to get one to work but weren't successful.  I think the problem
was they weren't using Open Firmware to boot and the N key trick wasn't
perfected yet.

How do you plan on running them?  A local OS X with the option to
netboot ltsp?  Just curious as I have about 100 flat screen iMacs to
deploy this summer and using a machine with 40GB drives and 640MB RAM as
a thin only.  Problem here with booting ltsp via netboot is that I will
also have a netinstall/netboot osx server running.  So I would need a
boot menu to do the trick.

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