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Re: [K12OSN] HP MaxiLife not responding?


It not uncommon for vendors to create "hidden" partitions that host
diagnostic, monitoring, and system restore software/utilities.  So, if
you are doing a new install of ANY distro, and do not cater to these
partitions when initializing your partition table, you'll
unintentionally write over those utilities.

I totally forgot about that while trying to salvage an old dual pII
Compaq Proliant recently: the result was that I have to buy a special CD
from HP/Compaq if I want to utilize the onboard sensors and hardware
RAID. (plus install a Windows OS to use the CD...blah)

I would guess this may be what you are seeing.

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On Tue, 2005-05-31 at 14:02 -0500, John A. Smith wrote:
> I bought an HP Vectra VL800 - P4 1.3 Ghz, 768 MB Ram - from RetroBox last month to use as a K12LTSP server. This morning I decided to do the install and am running into a couple of problems.
> I am getting the following error at boot "0059: MaxiLife not responding Error". From what I can decipher from googling, apparently MaxiLife is some sort of hardware monitoring and diagnostics tool used on the Vectra series. I can't find any reference to this error code or what it means. Has anyone ran across this before? This is the first Vectra I've toyed with.
> TIA,
> john smith
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