[K12OSN] Fedora LTSP or Ubuntu LTSP, that is the question

Eric Harrison eharrison at mail.mesd.k12.or.us
Thu Nov 10 19:01:29 UTC 2005

Jim McQuillan wrote:

> Thanks, but keep in mind that Eric and I are also working VERY closely
> with the Ubuntu developers to make Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Edubuntu as
> robust as possible.  In fact, we just got back from the Ubuntu
> developers meeting in Montreal, where we created specifications
> for the next release (6.04 - Dapper Drake).  Expect future versions to
> knock your socks off.

I'm going to echo Jim's comments. While the first crack at a "Muekow"
implementation (Ubuntu 5.10) is not 100% perfect, it is clear that there
are no technical hurdles to making it meet and exceed the "traditional"
LTSP implementation.

Given how far the Ubuntu crew has come in just a few short months, I too
expect the future versions to knock my socks off.

I have started to port Ubuntu's "Muekow" implementation to
RedHat/Fedora, with the hopes of having it ready for K12LTSP 5.0.

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