[K12OSN] K12LTSP VNC Server (on client)

Peter Deakin k12ltsp at trinityschool.org.uk
Thu Nov 10 22:13:49 UTC 2005

Futrzak wrote:

>I've got running ltsp server (k12 of course) and I would like to monitor client workstations by VNC (or maybe you've got other suggestion?). The idea is to be sure if the client is running properly. Is it possoble to run VNC Server on thin client machine?
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Follow the mini how too by Martin Woolley under the VNC section on the 
link below


I use it on FC3 all the time to view student desktops
You can use the command

last |grep "still logged in"

to see who is logged into which work station, then,

vncviewer -viewonly ws???.ltsp        (substitute the workstation number 
for the question marks) this will enable you to view the workstation 
without the knowledge of the user or

vncviewer ws???.ltsp to control the mouse and keyboard.

Peter Deakin

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