[K12OSN] ot pxe boot

Mark Gumprecht gumprechtm at msad3.org
Wed Nov 16 14:01:26 UTC 2005

I'm tring to setup a pxe boot system off of ubuntu that has a menu. I 
have a 2 card setup with dhcp enabled on the workstation side. I have 
set it to pxe boot right into a ubuntu install (thanks to the ubuntu 
wiki and sun microsystems documents).  After this, I'm lost. The  goal 
is to create a system that is MAC driven (think Altiris Client 
solutions) to deliver images to clients that pxe boot. A menu that would 
allow selection of what image/install to load, (win, linux, apple?), 
with a time out for whatever the goal is on that boot. I've figured out 
AIDE32EE for harvesting hardware and software on windows (linux solution 
anyone). I would like to, ultimately, create an entirely open source 
deployment solution. Time is always a factor, but I think it is possible 
or is there something out there already that needs refining.
Thanks in advance.

Mark Gumprecht
Data Systems Specialist
Unity, ME
gumprechtm at msad3.org

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