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Re: [K12OSN] ltsp client for vmware

Les Mike sell wrote:

On Mon, 2005-10-31 at 16:31, Michael C Wescott wrote:
Now that the player is free this might be a platform of choice
for machines that run windows.  You get the effect of dual-booting
without having to reboot. I'm not sure how performance compares
to running X on windows, but there would be some other side
effects like working with TeacherTool.  To make it work the
way you'd want I suppose you have to find a way to run
vmware tools in the session, though.
An Xserver on windows would certainly be faster. Only where you want to
run a Linux app locally would there be some utility. Is that the reason
for the comment about teachertool? But if you're going that far, why not
come up with a Vmware virtual machine that acts as a client?

I think that's what I meant in the first place: a virtual machine that
PXE or etherboots to run as a thin client.  You could install vmplayer
and copy this virtual machine on your windows boxes to run as a client
without having to reboot or lose access to windows apps.

And a Virtual machine that's a server might be good for demo purposes as

And testing.  It should be legal to build a downloadable image of
an installed server that anyone could use without much setup.  You'd
just have to be careful not to get a DHCP server running on the
wrong network.  Running on an odd port might work.

Hmmmmm..... Would it be possible to have /two/ sessions running on the same computer? I'm thinking that for demoing purposes, having the server running on one monitor and the thin client on another would /really/ demonstrate LTSP's flexibility, as well as making setting up a demo a breeze.

Keith Olson
K-Soft Consulting

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