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Re: [K12OSN] killing Active Directory - direction needed for Samba/LDAP installer

FDS has an RPM available & a script that is very much like the SMB/LDAP
install script.  (/opt/fedora-ds/setup/setup)


Jim Kronebusch wrote:
Really? My initial impression was just the opposite, that FDS was easier
to setup.

I have not played with any of the advanced features in FDS, just a
couple quick tests to see if it was even possible to replace my OpenLDAP

Maybe this was just ignorance on my part, but when I first heard of it I
thought this would be as simple as a yum install fds or something similar.  It
has been a few months since I looked into it but I remeber it being very
scary.  It seamed a person had to be a wizard of LDAP to understand hwo to
install and configure it.  I am of course comparing to the SMB/LDAP install
scripts where knowledge needed is minimal.

I really liked the idea of using FDS, but at the time there was way too much
knowledge involved and what didn't look like a prepackaged solution.  I had
initially assumed this was a yum install and use with a nice gui sort of

Again my hold up was most likely a lack of knowledge and the fact I was
looking for a quick turn key solution.

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