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[K12OSN] Autoconfiguring Proxy settings without visiting each machine or use of loginscripts

I've had a proxy.pac file kicking around for a while that I created using info I read on the censornet forum. I've been thinking about how to use it for a while now without reconfiguring machine. Currently I use a login script to force the settings but we are setting up a couple of open hotspots outside of our network so login scripts aren't an option but I need to enforce proxy settings to control access slightly. I'd almost forgotten about the proxy.pac file until I was looking through some stuff on the smoothwall.org forum. I found a link about setting up auto proxy config and how to completely automate it.

Have a look at this link as a start


The long and short of it is, create your proxy.pac file but save it as wpad.dat. Upload the file onto a server running something like apache into the root of your webserver. Add a mime type in a similar fashion to the .pac file but for .dat. Make sure you can access this file by pointing your browser at it. Now comes the bit I hadn't done or read about before Surprised

Create a CNAME entry in your DNS for wpad.yourdomain.com to the server that you uploaded the file to.

Now when you tick the auto detect proxy settings in IE or Firefox it should look for wpad.yourdomain.com/wpad.dat and configure the browser for you.

Only tried it on IE quickly but seems to work. I expect most of you have already seen this but I thought there might be a few people out there that like me hadn't :-)

Hope it helps someone


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