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>From experience, I would personally say there are no real production stable
open source equivalent Student Information System databases out there yet.
People will talk about Centre and OpenAdmin as solutions...but they didn't
even come close to the needs we had in our school district.

I wholeheartedly recommend PowerSchool or iPASS (which runs on a Linux
server) because they are web based and any computer running that has access
to the Internet can access the database. They aren't platform dependent
systems. The way to go is web based if you can go that route. Besides, for
some things open source isn't the answer. I would rather trust a name brand
that offered technical support tailored to my personal technical problems
and whitepapers with my Student Information System than open source
community with threads that I can post too and hope I get help. 

I am all about open source and Linux, but some things just aren't ready.
Sorry open source advocates.

Hope this helps.


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Hello all,
Maybe there have been discussions about this, but I've been out of
touch because of Hurricane Katrina. My school (www.ccchristian.com) is
in a suburb of New Orleans. We've been using "School Minder" for
administrative purposes -- attendance, grading, reports, cafeteria --
the whole range of school needs.
     We were closed for six weeks due to the hurricane. During that
time, due to stupidity on the part of cleanup crews, our server and
several other (undamaged) computers were discarded, so we have to
start from scratch. I would love to talk the powers that be into
letting us switch to Linux, but all they know is Windows. It would
really help if I could present a testimonial. Does anybody know of a
school that is actually using a Linux (or other open source)
alternative to School Minder to run their school?
Dave Prentice
prentice at instruction.com

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