[K12OSN] Education mini conference

Bryant Patten opensource at whitenitro.com
Wed Nov 2 05:49:09 UTC 2005

Hello -
	 I am organizing this year's Education mini-conference at the 
Australian and New Zealand national Linux conference (linux.conf.au 
2006).  I was wondering if  anyone on this list would be going down to 
New Zealand for this conference and, if so, whether you might be 
interested in speaking at my Education mini-conference that precedes 

	The details and call for presentations at the mini-conference can be 
viewed at:


	The general conference website is:


	Unfortunately, there is no money available to assist with travel and I 
am required to only have speakers that are registered for the 
conference.  But in case any of you were already going to the main 
conference, I wanted to make sure you were invited to speak about your 
experience with FOSS, K12LTSP and education.



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