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Re: [K12OSN] I need some software to automate the recess buzzers

Tim Litwiller wrote:

I'd like to setup a computer at a small school - ( that currently has no computers) and they also need some way to automate the beginning and end of day and reccess buzzers. Is there some software that is available to run on a K12LTSP that could do this? I'm hoping that by having a ltsp server maybe they will start with doing typeing classes with some terminals and work them into more as they get used to the idea.

That sounds like a job for..... SUPER CRON!!! (Sorry, couldn't resist.) Seriously though, you could have a job that 'printed' something on an otherwise unused parallel port whenever you wanted a bell to ring, and hook up a relay to one of the output pins. The relay could do anything from ringing an actual bell to (with a bit of soldering) replacing/parallelling a switch if your bells are electronic.

Keith Olson
K-Soft Consulting

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