[K12OSN] I need some software to automate the recess buzzers

Keith Olson ksoftconsulting at gmail.com
Wed Nov 2 06:50:22 UTC 2005

Tim Litwiller wrote:

> I'd like to setup a computer at a small school - ( that currently has 
> no computers) and they also need some way to automate the beginning 
> and end of day and reccess buzzers.  Is there some software that is 
> available to run on a K12LTSP that could do this?  I'm hoping that by 
> having a ltsp server maybe they will start with doing typeing classes 
> with some terminals and work them into more as they get used to the idea.

That sounds like a job for..... SUPER CRON!!!  (Sorry, couldn't 
resist.)  Seriously though, you could have a job that 'printed' 
something on an otherwise unused parallel port whenever you wanted a 
bell to ring, and hook up a relay to one of the output pins.  The relay 
could do anything from ringing an actual bell to (with a bit of 
soldering) replacing/parallelling a switch if your bells are electronic.

Keith Olson
K-Soft Consulting

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