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RE: [K12OSN] School administration software


The grade book application is now web based. The reason we are leaning more
towards PowerSchool is because it is very robust and I don't see Apple going
out of business anytime soon Not because of the success of OS X, but because
the iPods are a craze still and keeping Apple alive. Plus with the advent of
Mac OS X running on Intel based PCs I think an increase in Mac OS X usage
will rise. I for one am not a Mac fan, even though it is *nix based. That's
another story though...

PowerSchool is very versatile and runs on both Windows and Mac
servers...doesn't run on a Linux server yet. The representative I had talked
to from PowerSchool made it sound like they are creating a version that will
run on Linux servers. However, because PowerSchool is web based it isn't
platform dependant.

No matter what SIS your district is looking at, I highly highly highly
highly recommend going web based.


Paul VanGundy
Technology Coordinator
Epping High School
Epping Middle School
P: 603.679.5472 x219
F: 603.679.2966
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On Tue, 2005-11-01 at 20:04, Paul VanGundy wrote:

> I wholeheartedly recommend PowerSchool or iPASS (which runs on a Linux
> server) because they are web based and any computer running that has
> to the Internet can access the database.

I was looking at PowerSchool last year to replace our DOS based program
for Catholic schools (PDS). I liked PowerSchool, but the problem last
summer was that the gradebook application was not web based and was for
Windows or Mac OSX only. Do you know if this is still the case?

PowerSchool was not the right program for us anyway. We went with the
Windows upgrade for PDS as we didn't have to do any data conversion at
all. Now I just have to find a way of getting a Windows based gradebook
program to run under Linux.

george kocke <webmaster vol org>

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