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Re: [K12OSN] I need some software to automate the recess buzzers

This may be a really silly idea, but how about using Sunbird with different alarms for different events -- at it would be be easy for anyone to schedule (or delete) either a one time event or a recurring event.



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On Nov 2, 2005, at 11:44 AM, Tim Litwiller wrote:

To update the requirements - it would have to be easy for the teachers to add a buzzer or actually I think a voice announcement at a certain time. So it doesn't have to be running a buzzer so much as output sound to a loudspeaker. When it needs to sound like a buzzer we can play the buzzer sound or when we need a firedrill it could play the fire alarm sound.

But the biggest requirement would be that it would be easy for a teacher to open the scheduler and add/remove/quiet the next occurance of the buzzer.

Tim Litwiller wrote:

I'd like to setup a computer at a small school - ( that currently has no computers) and they also need some way to automate the beginning and end of day and recess buzzers.  Is there some software that is available to run on a K12LTSP that could do this?  I'm hoping that by having a ltsp server maybe they will start with doing typeing classes with some terminals and work them into more as they get used to the idea.

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