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Re: [K12OSN] good, cheap pci video card?

On Thu, 2005-11-03 at 09:17 -0800, Rob Owens wrote:
> I have 2 thin clients with significantly different
> performance, and I was thinking it was due to the
> different video cards (but maybe I'm wrong).  The
> faster thin client has an AGP card (1x, I think).  The
> slower one has a PCI card with, I think, 2 MB RAM.  
> On the slower thin client, simple things like quickly
> dragging a scroll bar in OpenOffice or Nautilus
> results in choppy video (the screen jumps instead of
> scrolling).  If I've got a 2MB PCI card, is this the
> best performance I can hope for?  Or will getting a
> better PCI video card help?  Or perhaps my problem is
> in the network hardware, and not the video card...

Replacing the video card is a good place to start. Non-accelerated 2d
video can be a big drain on the client's CPU. I had a similar situation
in the temrinals I mentioned earlier in this thread. Moving them to the
Matrox cards improved screen re-draw speed significantly.


-Quentin Hartman-
Technology Coordinator
South Lane School District
Cottage Grove, OR

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