[K12OSN] Windows at Logon

Barry R Cisna brcisna at frontiernet.net
Thu Nov 3 22:15:22 UTC 2005

Hi List,

Anyone have a recipe for doing the ALT& F2 (or F3 etc,to bring up a windows
server at the GDM login?
I have entered the WIN2K server IP address,,in the lts.conf as SCREEN_02 =
(with no options), if I change the SCREEN_02 to shell and do the ALT&F2  at
the GDM login ,it, will drop to a shell prompt(and can log into the K12LTSP
server, succesfully.
. I have tried using any one,,of the 4 WIN2K servers we have with no
differnet results. BTW I did reboot the server each time, after making these
changes to the K12LTSP server,,as I wasnt sure what services needed to be
restarted ..here and there to see"these changes.
 Id like to get something "slicker" than doing the Terminal Server
CLient(which works fine) along with a couple shell scripts,, put onto the
desktop,to access server-xyz.for more seamless,,Winders",,access:)..I did
learn if you want to use SCREEN_04 you have to make a mod to the initab file
for displays...but this did not do anygood,(only if I wanted to use the _04
display number. I was also sent a  while back, a hack,,how to "slow down"
the login process to try and troubleshoot error messages on screen when the
display manager died,, I could usually read somethign to the effect that
RPD-5 couldnt get a display?
Sorry for the long post:)..
Ive worked at this off and on,, to no avail..:(



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