[K12OSN] Re-sent: Upgrade from K12LTSP 4.2 to 4.4.1 how to transfer SMBLDAPinfo

Mark Gumprecht gumprechtm at msad3.org
Fri Nov 4 11:45:58 UTC 2005

The official howto

Mark Gumprecht wrote:

> I have not done this either.....but Brian wrote this for setting up 
> the slave.
> http://www.chivers.info/Samba3-OpenLDAP-slave-server-config.html
> Mark
> Quentin Hartman wrote:
>> On Fri, 2005-11-04 at 12:28 +1300, Krsnendu dasa wrote:
>>> I currently have a K12LTSP 4.2 system running with SMBLDAP providing
>>> authentication and homes users on LTSP client computers and windows
>>> machines.
>>> I decided I wanted to try out Crossover Office 5 (but not on the 
>>> current
>>> production server), so I have installed K12LTSP 4.4.1 on a new box and
>>> installed Crossover Office 5. What do I have to do now to set up 
>>> SMBLDAP and
>>> transfer all the user authentication info to this new box so it can 
>>> become
>>> the official new server and I can use the other server for other 
>>> purposes.
>>> I have gigabit connection between the servers, so copying files is 
>>> pretty
>>> quick.
>> I'm hardly an SMBLDAP expert, but my best guess would be to setup the
>> new box as you did the old box, but make the new box an ldap slave to
>> the old box and let ldap do all the replication of user data itself.
>> Once that's done and you're convinced it works, shut down the old ldap
>> server and "promote" the slave box to being stand-alone and change the
>> smbldap configs accordingly.
>> Note that I've never *actually done* any of the above, but it seems like
>> it ought to work. In theory, anyway.

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