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[K12OSN] interesting way to use Cygwin/X

You can use Cygwin/X under windows in both -query mode to get what
appears to be a singe MS window containing a complete Linux desktop
or in -multiwindow mode to get single apps, each in what appears to
be it's own independent MS window.   However I just noticed what happens
if you run nautilus in -multiwindow mode: You get a window containing
your desktop minus the task bars and menus, but still having the ability
to start programs by double-clicking on any launcher icons - and they
start in independent windows.  So, if you do a normal login and drag
the icons that you want use from the gnome menu onto the desktop, then
from a cygwin bash shell on the windows box:

export DISPLAY=:0
Xwin -multiwindow -clipboard &
ssh -Y server 
  log in..
  nautilus &

a Linux desktop window should open and icons and folders should work as
you expect, except that now they run in independent MS windows that
mix with native apps and you can cut and past text among them. If you
forgot a launcher you can still right-mouse on the desktop, open a
terminal and type the program name.  If you want, you can minimize
the Linux desktop and leave the apps open on your MS desktop.

This may not help if your goal is to eliminate windows, but it's
a handy approach while the systems have to co-exist.  You just have
to clean up after nautilus' habit of opening a new window for
every location if you browse around much.

   Les Mikesell
     les futuresource com

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