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Re: [K12OSN] dhcpd.conf trouble


Not sure if this is an answer to your question, but we run our Mitel phones off an Asterisk PABX on the same VLAN as the K12LTSP server, and the K12 box gives IP addresses to the phones. Maybe a separate VLAN is better, but I can attest to the fact that they work just fine on the same VLAN, without any unusual settings required. We have a fairly low traffic volume on our LAN - around 20 thin clients and only 5 IP phones, which may be why we don't have a problem . No problems with default gateway and DNS in our arrangement, using an almost standard form of Eric's dhcpd.conf.

On 04 Nov 2005, at 8:53 PM, Julius Szelagiewicz wrote:

Dear Folks,
	I'm installing a Mitel 3340 IP phone system that needs to co-exist
with k12ltsp. The Mitel docs tell me to run the phones on their own VLAN. Fine, dhcp is served on eth0 -, the Mitel box goes on this segment too, the VLAN for phones will be According to the
docs I need to add the following lines to dhcpd.conf:

#option option-03 code 03 = string;
#option option-130 code 130 = text;
#option option-132 code 132 = string;
#option option-133 code 133 = string;
#option option-03  = "";
#option option-128 = "";
#option option-129 = "";
#option option-130 = "MITEL IP PHONE";
#option option-132 = 2;
#option option-133 = 6;

When I add them uncommented and restart dhcpd, the PCs on the segment get addresses all right, but default gateway and DNS are not set.
I seem to be missing something obvious. Thanks, julius

P.S. If you know of a good tutorial on VLANs, please send me a link, I
must have been dozing off when that was covered :-)

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