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RE: [K12OSN] new install help needed

Thanks for offer.  I have attached the files to this message.


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On Sun, 2005-11-06 at 11:25 -0500, Dick Kempton wrote:

I recently installed version 4.4.1 on my computer that only had one NIC. All worked fine and I was able to connect to my Road Runner connection thru a cable modem. 


When I installed a second NIC, a 3com 3cSOHO100-TX, the default set up connected to my client computer correctly.  But…now neither client nor server can connect to Internet.  Eth1 is set to DHCP and eth0 is set statically to


I even did a fresh install with both cards installed and used all of the defaults.  I still have no Internet access. How can I get eth1 to connect as it did previously before the second card was installed???


Thanks for any help.



Shoot us a copy of your "/sbin/ifconfig" and "netstat -rn" outputs.  I suspect a routing issue.


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