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Re: [K12OSN] Scalix anyone?

On Monday November 07 2005 2:43 pm, Santiago, Nicholas wrote:
> Hi all--
> I've been looking at Scalix Server lately as an alternative to upgrading
> our existing Exchange server. As I'm not uber-familiar with Linux servers,
> I'm just wondering if anyone is running Scalix right now and whether it'd
> be worth the time and/or effort to get it running here.
> Anyone?
> -Nick
> nicholas|santiago
> telecommunications analyst
> community action committee of the lehigh valley, inc.
> 1337 east fifth street :: bethlehem, pa 18015-2103
> tel 484.893.1044 :: pcs 484.634.0286 :: fax 610.691.6582
>  <mailto:nsantiago caclv org> nsantiago caclv org ::
> <http://www.caclv.org/> www.caclv.org


Since OpenSolaris, and by extension Scallix, are so new, I'd play with 
Scallix, but not put it into production just yet.

My 2 cents.


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