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Re: [K12OSN] smbldap logs

Mark Gumprecht wrote:
Where is the log that smbldap uses for logging users time in and time log off and from what machine? I've tried who,w,finger, I've checked the regular log files, messages,secure. I looked through the config files for the logfile setting, I looked in the samba logs. I'm sure I missed it somewhere. It is a k12ltsp4.2.1EL machine.

I don't think it does by default. I've added this to my smb.conf so I have this info

    comment = Home Directories
    root preexec = csh -c 'echo "`date`: %u connected from %m (%I)" >> /var/log/samba/login.log'
    root postexec = csh -c 'echo "`date`: %u disconnected from %m (%I)" >> /var/log/samba/login.log'

I've setup logrotate so the file doesn't get too big. A friend has also written a little php file that reads the file so you can easily see who's logged in. Only problem is that we have so much traffic that it would never finish so I've just setup a cron job that copies the login.log file every 5 minutes and pointed the php file at that.

Brian Chivers
Portsmouth College

The views expressed here are my own and not necessarily the views of Portsmouth College
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