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[K12OSN] restart X at logout from terminal

Is it possible to completely reset X on a terminal at logout, so the contents of lts.conf is read again? In other words I would like to achieve the same thing as logging out, pressing ctrl-alt-backspace and get a new login window. I have noticed that this forces lts.conf to be read again. Just logging out to a new login screen reuses the settings from lts.conf from boot.

I would suspect that many of you would ask, why would I want to... But to make a long stort short, I have a script that rotates the contents of lts.conf, so the string "SERVER= " alternates. I have set up a kind of load balancing using this. It seems to work. I have to do some more testing of course. I cannot use the how-to from David since I have only one dhcp-server serving 5 schools from one central location. My schools have only terminals and printers. All the servers are located at City-Hall's ICT-department. We have 2GB fibrechannel out to each school.

So my setup is this:

One main server w/ dhcp and ldap. It also as all /home exported as nfs, and is the cupsserver for all schools. The dhcp server points each school to it's own ltspserver via the root-path option. When the terminal has finished booting it reads lts.conf on that server, and I would like to alternate which server the terminals logon to. I have this working now, but I have to log out, hit ctr-alt-backspace and log in again. Then I get logged into another server. I don't really see the students hitting ctrl-alt-backspace between sessions, and then the point gets lost...

So is it possible to kill/restart X on the terminal at logout? Or is it possible to make a logout reboot the terminal perhaps?

If this seemed a bit "hairy", I can document/explain our setup better if asked to to so...

But for now, I would be really happy to see X killed and reloaded at logout.


Trond Maehlum

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