[K12OSN] W2K authentication and home folders

cliebow at downeast.net cliebow at downeast.net
Wed Nov 9 00:08:24 UTC 2005

i have some winbind config items on wiki.ltsp.org...
AWe used pam_mount to mount homedirs from windows as well...look for
windows integration on the wiki..holler if i can help chuck

> We are in the process of trialing K12LTSP.  We have completed an install
> using the CD imagest available on K12LTSP.org and it runs like a dream. 
> What we are having trouble with is configuring the system so the users
> logging on from a LTSP client get their authentication from our W2K
> server.  We also want to be able to have our students home folders on the
> W2K server.  Working through various information we have been able to get
> to the stage of viewing folders on the W2K server but would appreciate it
> if anyone has a complete HOW TO that explains what is actually happening.
> Thankif i can help...chuckholler s,  Rene Smit

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