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[K12OSN] speed optimize terminals?

What can be done to speed optimize the terminals?

I'm using k12ltsp 4.1 / FC3, in a small cybercafe in sao paulo, brazil, and it seems the terminals could be faster, am looking at making some changes here...

Full-window-content window dragging
I've noticed the default is to set them up with full-content window dragging, rather than dragging window outlines only. I'm looking for some way to turn it off.

Kernel optimizing for terminals
dmesg shows my terminals have USB, serial and parallel support, EIDE, energy saving features, etc, none of which I use. Isn't there a bare-bones terminal kernel to use? Some kernels already compiled somewhere, or some FAQ on how I can compile kernels that have only what's needed?

How much RAM does a terminal really need? How much does the NFS swapping cost? I had to enable it, 32MB RAM with no swap was making the terminals freeze.

Ethernet adapter teaming/bonding
It seems that teaming two ethernet adapters would be a good idea for those who are using 10MB or 100MB, and not upgrading the server+switch to gigabit ethernet, which is expensive still in many places. Anyone notice any problem with using ethernet adapter teaming/bonding?

Thanks, any suggestions are very welcome!

MIke Howard

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