[K12OSN] Fedora LTSP or Ubuntu LTSP, that is the question

Jim Kronebusch jim at winonacotter.org
Wed Nov 9 20:06:09 UTC 2005

On Wed, 09 Nov 2005 15:01:16 -0500, David Trask wrote
> Jim....we just got back from Ubuntu Below Zero in Montreal....the current
> EdUbuntu with LTSP included is not ready for primetime....it was a last
> minute "shove in".  BUT....it will be ready for "Dapper" which will 
> be released in April.  The "Breezy" version still has issues.  There 
> are MANY exciting things coming....local devices (very cool) and 
> even cooler....simple clustering....easy to configure....then add 
> machines with no HD's to simply add computing power...or add a 
> clone.  Ivan gave a presentation and it is in use at a hospital in 
> Zagreb Croatia in grand style....I was truly impressed...and it 
> should be easy for folks to do....very easy (GUI easy).  So...my 
> advice?  Hold off for now...come to LinuxWorld in Boston...and we 
> can play with the new Dapper Drake version. :-)

I need to get a lab going so I think I will go ahead and load the FC4 version
for now.  

The new EdUbuntu sounds awesome.  I may just have to take you up on your offer
for LW Boston!  If you get a demo of the new Dapper before then let me know.

Thanks for the update.

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