[K12OSN] roots desktop hosed

Timothy Legge tlegge at rogers.com
Wed Nov 9 23:09:37 UTC 2005

Peter Hartmann wrote:
> Hey all,
> I was working as root and now when I log in roots desktop is gone. 
> Nothing happens when I try to launch nautilus from the commandline. 
> We're using IceWM by the way.  I tried the reset-default-desktop
> script to no avail.  Any ideas?  I know, I know....don't work as root.

Create a new user.
chown -R root:root /home/newrootuser
cp -r /home/newrootuser/* /root/

If that does not work:

mkdir /home/oldroot
chown -R root:root /home/oldroot
mv /root/* /home/oldroot
cp -r /home/newrootuser/* /root/
mv /home/oldroot /root
chown -R root:root /root


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