[K12OSN] Linux Bell system

Jim Kronebusch jim at winonacotter.org
Thu Nov 10 14:57:33 UTC 2005

> I'd be happy to see them :-)

Sorry about that last message, I'll try again with something I don't think I
block :-)

For those who asked here you go.  The zip has 2 folders in it, root and
var-spool-cron.  Place the files in the respective folders on your bell server
(/root and /var/spool/cron).  The place whatever sound you want as bell.wav in
your /root folder.  If you put Webmin on the server (yum install webmin) then
you can log into Webmin and go to the System tab, then enter the Scheduled
Commands module, and set up your scripts to run on whatever days or times you
need to swap the cron for different bell schedules.  I run my scripts as user
root, in directory /root, and execute say ./regular for my regular schedule.
I imagine your bells will chime at different times than mine so just vi the
/var/spool/cron/root.regular (or whatever file you want) and edit the times
the cron jobs are scheduled for.  Good luck

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