[K12OSN] website blocking

Will Hatch fhkms at adelphia.net
Thu Nov 10 13:45:40 UTC 2005

I have Dansguardian and Squid running directly off of my K12ltsp server.
Here are the steps I took to get it going:

1. click "desktop" then "system settings" then "server settings" then
2. log in as root, if you are not already
3. in the service configuration window, make sure the Dansguardian and
Squid boxes are checked.  Then "file" and "save" the configuration.
Then "start". If Dansguardian and Squid do not show up in the selection
of programs listed in service configuration, then use the original
k12ltsp cds and install them (or download the rpm from the internet)
4. Reboot the server so the changes can take affect. 
5. open your internet browser (mozilla, konquerer)
6. THIS IS KEY!  click "edit" then "preferences" then "general".  Open
"connection settings".  select "manual proxy".  type in "localhost"
where it says http, then under port type in "8080"
7. you can add any sites you want to be unfiltered at the bottom of this
8. Check your filter by trying to surf an inappropriate site!  

This worked for me.  The filter isn't perfect of course (no substitute
for supervision).  

On Thu, 2005-11-10 at 03:26 -0800, Rob Owens wrote:
> --- Petre Scheie <petre at maltzen.net> wrote:
> > That's come up before: For DansGuardian or
> > SquidGuard to work, they must be installed on 
> > a machine separate from the terminal server; it
> > won't work if you install it on the 
> > terminal server.
> You can actually get it to work on the terminal server
> with some fancy iptables work.  Don't ask me how, but
> I did it once.  Basically you configure iptables to
> intercept all requests bound for port 80 and redirect
> them to the squid server (port 3128, I think).  I
> think you have to do it for both incoming and outgoing
> traffic, but I'm not sure about that.  Can anybody
> comment on this?
> -Rob
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