[K12OSN] K12ltsp 4.2.1-EL

Eric Brown ericbrown at mi-spot.com
Fri Nov 11 12:40:12 UTC 2005

I've been fighting this problem for about three days now, and I'm

I've been trying to install the EL version of K12LTSP on a server.  I've had
the fedora version on it in the past, and I'm doing a fresh install.  My
problem comes when I hit the third cd, with the package xhtml1-dtd.  It says
the package is corrupted, or the cd is.  So I downloaded the iso again, ran
the MD5 check again, and burned it again only to get the same results.  I
even borrowed a blank cd from a friend just in case my cd's might be bad.
Always the same error.

Any suggestions to a work-around?  There is no option to ignore the package,
just click on ok, or restart the process, both of which I've done many times

I remember having the exact same package giving me problems on previous
installations, but re-downloading or re-burning always seemed to fix the


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