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Re: [K12OSN] K12ltsp 4.2.1-EL

> >I've been trying to install the EL version of K12LTSP on a server.  I've had
> >the fedora version on it in the past, and I'm doing a fresh install.  My
> >problem comes when I hit the third cd, with the package xhtml1-dtd.  It says
> >the package is corrupted, or the cd is.  So I downloaded the iso again, ran
> >the MD5 check again, and burned it again only to get the same results.  I
> >even borrowed a blank cd from a friend just in case my cd's might be bad.
> >Always the same error.
> >
> >Any suggestions to a work-around? 

I have run into the same problems and have actually attributed it to the CDROM
many times, even more trouble with DVDROMs.  I have now gone to the NFS
install method as well, I never have to worry about bad CDROM drives or
scratch/poorly written CDs, I don't have to "find" my CDs which can sometimes
be a task in itself, I don't have to babysit the install and swap CDs, and I
don't have to burn new CD sets from completely new downloaded isos every time
an update comes out.  

Simply set up a machine anywhere on your network with some distro of linux,
download your iso's to that machine (once), then NFS export the directory from
that machine to your network (I use webmin to setup exports, very simple). 
The you just need a linux boot CD and boot with "linux askmethod" and type in
the IP of your NFS machine when prompted and the name of your NFS export. 
After that everything runs like a standard install, but smoother and faster. 
When a new update comes out follow the instructions on this link (step 1 & 2)
to rename your isos and rsync the changes.  Very nice once setup.

Otherwise try a different CDROM drive in the machine.

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