[K12OSN] Linux Bell system

Jim Kronebusch jim at winonacotter.org
Fri Nov 11 22:05:50 UTC 2005

> Now /there/ is a man who doesn't underestimate the ingenuity of his 
> students. <G>

If they can hack the bell system, they can hack the mail server, web server,
file server, password server, and the grades server.  I don't underestimate
anyone.  This server like all others, emails me logs daily of all hack
attempts and system events.  And I don't run ssh on port 22 just to thwart
more efforts.  

If they want into the PA system that badly they can bring an amp from home,
disconnect a speaker on the wall, and inject their own microphone.  

I am more worried about the day a student gets into a wire room and rips
hundreds of phone wires off of the wall.  Or lights a cigarette or paper and
triggers the sprinkler system on the servers.

A bell system isn't exactly a gold mine.

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