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[K12OSN] Slow performance


OK here are the specs;

Dual P-III 600 Mhz
2 GB memory
30 GB IDE drive
100 mb NICs

Workstations (Clients)
Compaq SFF P-III, 600 Mhz
512 MB
100 mb NIC

Cable modem connected to a router with two 100mb switches

Sub-net 1- Windows workstations x 3
Sub-net 2 - 10 Clients
Clients have W2K loaded & get their IP address via the linux server
These same clients also do a network boot to become thin clients on the linux network

K12LTSP version 4.4 with all updates

Launching applications either on the client or the server is very slow, 24+ sec for a terminal window

TOP shows a minimal load on the processors, max of 24% on one processor for the gnome desktop, 10 - 15% for X, but usually the load is at 2 - 3%

Any ideas or suggestions is greatly appreciated.

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