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Re: [K12OSN] Slow performance

Try a vmstat 5 and check si and so. I believe that those are the swap in and swap out. If you are swapping to the drive, find more ram for it (if possible), swapping to the drive will KILL your performance. I had 5 clients running off of a 1.2 ghz with 2 gig of ram and an ata 100 drive ( can't remember size, it was to play with) and that was right on the edge.

bear2bar netscape net wrote:

OK here are the specs;

Dual P-III 600 Mhz
2 GB memory
30 GB IDE drive
100 mb NICs

Workstations (Clients)
Compaq SFF P-III, 600 Mhz
512 MB
100 mb NIC

Cable modem connected to a router with two 100mb switches

Sub-net 1- Windows workstations x 3
Sub-net 2 - 10 Clients
Clients have W2K loaded & get their IP address via the linux server
These same clients also do a network boot to become thin clients on the linux network

K12LTSP version 4.4 with all updates

Launching applications either on the client or the server is very slow, 24+ sec for a terminal window

TOP shows a minimal load on the processors, max of 24% on one processor for the gnome desktop, 10 - 15% for X, but usually the load is at 2 - 3%

Any ideas or suggestions is greatly appreciated.

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