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Re: [K12OSN] Ubuntu / Muekow question

On Sun, 13 Nov 2005, Rob Owens wrote:

First of all, what would be the proper list to join to
offer feedback/suggestions based on my experience
using Ubuntu Breezy Badger with LTSP?  Do I get on an
Ubuntu list, or an LTSP list, or both?

As for asking questions and seeking help, there is a lot
of cross-over between the two communities. Pick either
or both, whatever works for you ;-)

But if you are specifically seeking to offer feedback &
suggestions on Ubuntu, it would be best to do that within
Ubuntu's prefered mechanisms. Here is a link on how to
provide feedback within the Ubuntu community:


Second, I'm a little unsure if I did the installation
right.  Am I still supposed to be using the ltspadmin
program after I install the LTSP packages with
Synaptic?  That's what I did, but doing it this way
seemed not much different than installing it the "old
fashioned way".  Maybe Muekow makes things a lot
different behind the scenes, but from my perspective
the only thing different on my latest install was that
when I installed the LTSP packages, Synaptic told me
what the dependencies were (nfs, dhcp, etc) and
automatically started some of those services.


Here are the docs you are looking for...



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