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Re: [K12OSN] verynice won't control python

On Sat, 12 Nov 2005, Peter Hartmann wrote:

I have bad situation involving Childsplay.  In particular, when the
game top row, 5th from the left is played, the cpu usage for that
users python process goes up to about 90%.  I added this to
verynice.conf and restarted verynice:

hungryexe "/usr/bin/childsplay"
hungryexe "/usr/bin/python"

It has no effect on python.  What's going on here, do you know?


I don't see the same problem on my server. But here are
a few things to try:

1) If you want childsplay to always run "nice", edit the
script /usr/bin/childsplay  and change it from:

	python /usr/lib/childsplay/childsplay.py $* &


   nice python /usr/lib/childsplay/childsplay.py $* &

2) Try out the latest version of childsplay, which I'm
getting ready to add to the next minor release of K12LTSP:


3) It may make a difference if your verynice.conf has
   "python" rather than "/usr/bin/python", and you probably
   want it as a "badexe" rather than "hungryexe":

	badexe "python"


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