[K12OSN] Simplest way to sync users between linux boxes

Brian Chivers brian at portsmouth-college.ac.uk
Mon Nov 14 15:51:27 UTC 2005

Jim Kronebusch wrote:
> Could I get some feedback and what everyone thinks is the simplest way to sync
> users between linux server?  I know how to use SMB/LDAP but I don't think this
> will always be the easiest solution.  
> For now I would like to learn the easiest way to sync say 600 local unix users
> and groups from one server with that on another.
> Ideas?
> I see webmin has some modules that look like they should do the trick, thoughts?
> Jim Kronebusch
> Cotter Tech Department
> 507-453-5188
Do you mean just the login details (username / passwords) or the homes dir's as well ??


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